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Commercial Tiling Services

We have a large team of fitters; ready to transform any commercial scheme, regardless of size. We can also offer out of hours work to ensure minimal disruption is caused to your business.

Our dedicated Management Team ensure Health and Safety is paramount, whilst project managing the contract to achieve your deadline in a safe and seamless manner.

At Artistic Tiling we ensure every client can feel comfortable having work done in their home or business, knowing it will be done right the first time. We guarantee a high quality finish carried out by our specialist craftsmen and pride ourselves on repeat business.

swimming pool tiling

Wall & Floor Tiling

We have you covered

With qualified tilers, our project management team and HSE advisor can transform commercial outlets (from a small boutique to a large scale Aquatic Centre). We can take hold of the scheme at an early stage, managing the logistics, material procurement and design.

large floor tiling

Large Floor Specialists

Ready for a challenge

Dealing with other trades needing to use the floor; working alongside decorators, electricians and joiners etc. To achieve a flawless finish we have the assistance of high tech lasers and use our preferred tile levelling systems.

heritage tiling

Conservation & Heritage Work

Conserving our history

We have the expertise to install large floors or decorative wall tiling in heritage or listed buildings, such as churches, barns and museums etc. We understand the specific requirements to carry out work on such buildings.

bullnose tiling

Tile Cutting, Profiling & Polishing

Smart in more way than one

Porcelain and natural stone tiles show surface colour through the tiles, allowing us to shape, champer and bullnose to obtain an on site finish.

Cost savings with no more waiting on delivery. Edging or Bullnosing a tile on site will allow you to custom fit any tile design with unique references taken into account.

silicone tiles


Finishing touches

We specialise in commercial and industrial silicone works, including the installation of internal and external movement joints. Operating alongside our HSE advisor for working at heights ensures all involved are at ease.

commercial tile waterproofing

Wet Room & Bathroom Waterproofing

Watertight results

Waterproofing balconies, flat roofing, swimming pools, wet rooms and shower enclosures to ensure water runs where it is meant to; down the drain.

We ensure the tanking is done properly, so there are no complaints or unnecessary repairs later on.

grinding surface preparation

Grinding & Surface Preparation

We have the experience

Surface preparation is fundamental in tiling as grinding, vacuuming and priming the substrate is required if the surface is not suitable to receive a tiled surface. 

Anhydrite floor screeds are the solution of choice on large scale floors, so we offer a service to grind away the latent layer of the gypsum based product, allowing it to breath and dry out.

We also have the tools and experience to remove materials from concrete by mechanical means to then take a finish, whether tiled surface or re-tanked roof etc.

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