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Residential Tiling

At Artistic Tiling we are able to assist residential clients looking for top quality results that will endure over time in their homes across Devon & Cornwall. We are proud to deliver the highest standards in tiling, from modern new build luxury to heritage work projects, where we sympathetically restore vintage tiles to their original beauty. Our team of master tilers will transform your home. 

residential wall floor tiling

Wall & Floor Tiling

Durable by design

With ceramic tiling dating back 25,000 years it has been modernised and adapted to offer a huge range of amazing finishes that will transform your space. Tiles can be used as a decorative finish or to serve a purpose. Tiles are durable with low maintenance to give a long lasting finish.

bathroom home renovation tiling

Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom solution

Working within your budget and layout of your bathroom, we can transform it into a luxurious and enjoyable space with minimal disruption.

All the stress of incorporating other trader, such as plumbers and electricians etc. will be project managed, leaving our clients to focus on the finished product.

pedestal system tiling Cornwall

The Pedestal System

Firm foundations

A pedestal is a foundation to the tile, allowing water to naturally drain away below the tiled floor.

Porcelain pavers are becoming more popular, transforming and expanding their living space outdoors. This system is ideal for a stylish rooftop terrace, balcony or even a garden patio.

conservation heritage tiling

Conservation Heritage Work

Restoring beauty

Some older buildings have restrictions on renovation or maintenance, so we often lay tiles or stone slabs on a sand cement mortar, causing no damage to the building’s fabric.

Our company also has expertise in restoring historic tiled floors. We often see old damaged Victorian tiles that could reliably be brought back to life by our cleaning and restoration team.

external patios Cornwall Devon

External Patios

Transform your balcony

Large format, 20mm thick porcelain tiles are becoming the new paving slab. Dependent on the substrate i.e stone, concrete slab or a lawn, we have the skills to change your outdoor space into a usable patio.

bullnose tiling swimming pool

Tile Cutting, Profiling & Polishing

Clever and beautiful

Porcelain and natural stone tiles show the surface colour through the tile, allowing us to shape, champer and bullnose the tile to achieve an onsite finish.

This eliminates ordering custom pieces, waiting for delivery and saves on cost. Edging or Bullnosing a tile on site will allow you to custom fit any tile design with unique references taken into account.

silicone tiling Cornwall


Creating a bond

Silicone is used to create a durable and watertight bond between materials. It is ideal for finishing joints, seams and other junctions to create that high quality finish. Our expert finishers take pride in the quality of the end result without rushing, which can spoil a good tile installation.

tile waterproofing

Wet Room & Bathroom Waterproofing

Our work is watertight

Waterproofing is a key component when it comes to balconies, swimming pools, wet rooms and shower enclosures to ensure water runs where it is meant to; down the drain. Not tanking in some cases can be a huge false economy, due to the highly inconvenient building repair work necessary if a leak is to happen.

screeding Cornwall Devon


On the level

Screeding is necessary to either bring up the height of a floor, create a fall in a shower wet room or to ensure a perfect flat level surface to tile on. It is also used to encase under floor heating.

tile surface preparation

Grinding & Surface Preparation

A smooth start

Surface preparation is fundamental in tiling. If the surface is not suitable to receive a tiled surface, grinding, vacuuming and priming the substrate is then required. All paint, plaster, render, dust, dirt and grease is removed.

With Anhydrite floor screeds becoming the solution of choice on large scale floors we can also grind away the latent layer of the gypsum based product, allowing it to breath and dry out.

We also have the tools and experience to remove all materials from concrete by mechanical means, whether that is a tiled surface or retanked roof etc.

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